May 18, 2024

Ballenstedt/MZ. – Livio carefully sniffs the cold white ball that Massimo Caraccioli is holding in front of his nose. The award-winning jeera maker has created a new flavor of ice cream. A few minutes ago, he was standing in the kitchen of his gelateria, Cuore di Panna, mixing food. The main ingredients are apple juice and cream cheese. A large ice cream machine will make “dog ice cream.”

The Italian, who lives in Ballenstedt, has two Australian shepherds, Livio and his younger brother Kailani. “Dogs are our best friends. We should respect animals. Are we doing anything wrong just because they’re dogs? No, we don’t. We only eat natural products.” Emphasizing the importance of raw materials.

The first taste was satisfactory.

He’s mixing his latest work for the first time today. He opens a recipe book. “Life cannot function without mathematics.” He calculated exactly in what proportions the ingredients had to be mixed. Because “bake a cake” won’t work. He puts cream cheese in a large metal bucket and pours in apple juice. Then he takes out a small gray box from the cupboard.

It’s a taste, everything in life is a taste.

Massimo Caraccioli, Eismacher

There is a refractometer inside. Caraccioli uses this device, which resembles a small telescope, to measure the sugar content of pure apple juice. He does this to avoid too much sugar in the ice cream. Finally, he picks up a giant mixing stick and purees the mixture. After a quick taste test, Caraccioli was satisfied. He fills the ice cream maker with water. His first 3 kg of “dog ice cream” is ready in a few minutes.

Developed for our four-legged friends, this ice cream is sure to appeal to their owners, too, as it has a fresh taste like apple juice with a touch of cream cheese.

Choose from 24 types of ice cream

There are 24 different ice cream flavors to choose from for your customers. In addition to classics such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, he also creates more unusual mixtures, such as lavender ice cream, carrot ice cream, beer ice cream… His guests try new creations. “Testing it myself for the first time, I think it certainly works. It’s about taste, and life as a whole is about taste.” There’s nothing that can go wrong.

At one point, Caraccioli also created Barolo ice cream. Red wine with ice cream? “Miracles happen on hard cheese and it becomes special. We want to wow our guests,” he says. This is his job and he really enjoys it. He remembers making Caprese ice cream for the competition. Like the salad, it consists of tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. “If it were a gourmet restaurant, it would be ice cream,” he explains. He didn’t win like that. He was told that if he had made this ice cream for a restaurant, it would have been number one, but that it would not work well in an ice cream parlor. Gelaterians see it a little differently. As a dessert it was something special. “It was wonderful.”

When asked what his favorite ice cream is, he replies: But it actually also has hazelnuts, pistachios, stracciatella…”

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