May 27, 2024

Leonie Martens was beaming from ear to ear. “She doesn’t know what to say,” she said after the Magdeburg native earned her first Olympic ticket in the 400m freestyle at the German Swimming Championships in Berlin. Ta. She said, “My biggest dream has come true.”

Mertens is now able to travel to Paris with his brother Lucas Mertens, 22, who is two years older than him. Lukas Mertens had already qualified for the summer tournament using the same route at the Fukuoka World Cup. “My family and I are shocked. When we get home, we’re going to have a big family celebration,” Leonie Martens said.

That’s not all. “Also, we’re going to get a dog, which her mother promised her. She said that if she qualified for the Olympics, she would get a dog from her best friend at the kennel,” Mertens said. explained. Chihuahua dogs should be given the appropriate name “Paris”.

Mertens had already broken the Olympic standard last week, finishing second at the German championships on Thursday with a time of 4:08.84, securing second place in Paris behind Gosse, who had already qualified. A short time later, Lukas Mertens missed Paul Biedermann’s 2009 world record (3:40.07) by just 26 hundredths of a second.

Her older brother plays an important role for Leonie. “Even when I was down, he always encouraged me. Even when things didn’t go well in training, Lucas was always there, always by my side, supporting me. The Mertens brothers missed their first World Cup start together in Doha in February, but will now travel to Paris together due to tonsil surgery.

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