May 18, 2024

Bacolod (Philippines) – Some people have to do that in the Philippines. dog Endure unimaginable suffering. Over the past few years, the “PAWSsion Project” has been doing its part to alleviate pain, at least to some extent. The same is true for Bruno, who, after spending 15 years in a cage, is finally able to feel the sunlight on his skin.

Bruno loves the sun on his face. © Montage: Facebook/PAWSsion project

The mutt was once a gift, but the owner never wanted the dog and treated it badly. But they did not let him go for a long time, believing that no one else wanted this old four-legged friend.

However, the PAWSsion project in Badrod City, Philippines, rescued the dog and named him Bruno. “He was very cautious on his first walk because he had never experienced anything like this before. Patience is the key here,” animal rights activists wrote on Facebook in late March. said.

But within the first 24 hours, there was a huge and surprising joy. Bruno, despite his long imprisonment, was still able to enjoy his life. Just watching him look out into nature and look at the trees and the sky was a great moment.

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In a video posted by the dog’s guardians, Bruno can be seen enjoying the interaction with other dogs and the sun’s rays hitting his face.


Bruno the dog finds a new home

“We hugged him and saw his first smile. It was a big smile,” said Marou Perez, founder of the PAWSsion Project, in an interview with The Dodo. “I said to him, ‘Bruno, this is what it feels like to be loved and wanted.'”

Even the way out of captivity was difficult for Bruno. “He just stared out the window for a long time, as if he was surprised by everything he saw,” Perez said. “I thought at the time that he had been isolated for years and probably felt unloved, and he was very emotional.”

To this day, Bruno cannot take the smile off his face. This mixed-breed dog finally has a new home and can now enjoy life to the fullest with his four animal siblings.

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