May 18, 2024

A dog attacks another dog and bites its owner in a forest near Tiefenbach. (PNP reported on Thursday)In a statement, animal rights group PETA said it is calling on the state government to introduce “dog licensing” in Bavaria.

The 65-year-old man went for a walk with his leashed dog in the woods near Lohof on Wednesday. The dog that was running away came towards him and attacked his dog. He intervened but was bitten on the hand by an unknown dog. The owner arrived and eventually removed the dog. Passau police are currently investigating the dog’s owner on suspicion of causing injury by negligence.

Recognize signals better

“Most of the time, the problem is not with the dog, but with the person on the other end of the leash. Many owners are unable to correctly interpret their four-legged friend’s actions, signals, and body language.” The cause of this is not the animal, but the animal,” Monique Mohr, PETA’s animal companion expert, said in a statement. “Dogs, whether breed or mixed breed, can be a danger to people and animals if improperly kept or handled.”

Lower Saxony and Bremen are pioneers

A survey commissioned by the organization in August 2023 found that 68% of adults living in Germany were in favor of making dog licensing compulsory. Before owning a dog, prospective owners complete a theory course to gain specialized knowledge about dogs. Aspects such as animal-friendly breeding methods and acquiring the dog’s communication and needs. This is followed by a mandatory practical seminar at the dog school for owners and dogs. In 2013, Lower Saxony became the first German federal state to issue expertise certificates for dog owners, followed by Bremen. For example, those who obtained a dog license in Munich after May 1, 2014 will be exempt from dog tax for one year, according to the announcement.

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