May 27, 2024

Bergheim – of Tierheim Bergheim A new animal emergency has arisen within its own ranks. Animal rescuers have been in charge of the dog, Buck, for a short time, but are unable to resist his angry attacks on his former owner.

This sweetheart will be looking for a new home soon. © Image montage: Screenshot/Instagram/Bergheim Animal Shelter

This Friday, the animal shelter’s more than 30,000 followers will be able to find out for themselves the fate of the adorable Shar-Pei dog “Buck.”

But this four-legged friend doesn’t seem to be this cute everywhere. Especially not within the four walls of the previous owner.

“It’s Buck. He was bought without rhyme or reason. Like many animals. He was bought on the internet and was given to us a few days later because he was allergic and overwhelmed,” said the now male dog. said animal rights activists who are caring for the animal.

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The 4-month-old dog’s fluffy back is suffering from health problems, and he is extremely disappointed.

“It is our responsibility to find the perfect home for this special dog,” the employees wrote in an emotional post.

The only thing he has in common with his two-legged friends is that he is prone to health problems. “Bucks have special personalities and unfortunately they are also susceptible to certain genetic diseases.”

The animal shelter says this is due to torture of the breed. But before interested parties throw themselves into a frenzy and make demands on animal rescuers, calm down!

“Please do not contact us yet as it will take some time to make arrangements.”

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