May 18, 2024

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If you go for a walk with your dog, you must take leftover food with you. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to 1000 euros.
If you go for a walk with your dog, you must take leftover food with you. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to 1000 euros. © dpa

There is a lot of dog feces on the walls and the residents are annoyed. Now, she fears the woman will be baited with poison for revenge.

SOURST – Whether you see your dog lying on the side of the road or scratching at the soles of your shoes, the experience of dog poop is never a pleasant one. Residents of Soest city center are now losing their temper. “Every time I walk down Leggadum Street towards the wall, I find dog feces. If you walk for five minutes, there are piles everywhere.”

Angry over dog poop plastered on walls: residents fear poisoned bait

The Saucester resident cared for his mother’s dog for about six weeks. As she walked her dog over the wall in the direction of the Bergenthal Park playground, she regularly discovered feces. “There are piles piled up in the playground, too. They’re hidden in the grass, so you can easily step on them. “If a dog runs in, you have to wash their feet, too,” she says of her own. The resident, who also owns a dog, said angrily.

She is now worried that poison bait will be thrown at her four-legged friends as the situation worsens. She said: “Many people blame the dogs, but the responsibility lies with the owners. I don’t understand why they don’t do their duty. Poison baits being placed on walls has happened before.”

This isn’t the first time: Soest has already received complaints about dog poop.

This is not the first time Soest residents have complained about pilings on publicly accessible paths and squares. Shortly before the year began, residents were also upset about the ruins of Delinser Weg.

The situation with the wall temporarily improved, but “I can’t say that anymore,” the resident said. Dog owners along the wall could use the poop bag dispenser, but apparently no one used it.

Failure to remove debris may result in fines

Failure to remove excreta can result in a fine of up to 1000 euros. The problem: “If dog owners don’t remove the animal’s faeces, they have to be caught red-handed,” city spokesperson Torsten Bottin said in response to a question from the editorial team. Otherwise, violations cannot be punished. The city maintains and cleans the roads, but it is impossible to monitor them 24 hours a day, Bottin said. For residents, one thing is clear: “We cannot continue like this.”

Meanwhile, Sawest West owners can look forward to improved dog walking conditions. Politicians have now given the go-ahead for a dog run in Langergraben.

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