May 27, 2024

A video posted on Facebook by the Swiss Dog and Cat Rescue (SHKR) shows Securitas employees training their dogs in a bicycle parking lot in Basel.

The man gave the dog various commands, but when the dog didn’t respond as he wanted, the man hit the dog’s muzzle with the hard plastic housing of the extension lead.

SHKR is appalled by the actions of Securitas employees and wishes to pursue criminal charges. She also requested that her dog be removed immediately. The blow to the sensitive nose could have led to the injury, and the dog showed obvious symptoms of stress, including licking its nose and lips, especially due to the dog’s owner’s voice. “Is violence against animals part of Securitas’ daily operations? Or is it a tragic isolated case? Will Securitas dog owners be accepted even after these horrific photos? Training of battering dogs Will the Master remain a member of Securitas?” asked SHKR in a press release.

According to SHKR, the recording was made by a colleague while working at Securitas in December 2023, so it is believed that this behavior was known and tolerated at Securitas.

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