May 20, 2024

Glow's Tudor's Maria Rosendorfski (right) soprano and Maria Magdalena Katarina Ross with their greyhound Borzoi during dog casting. Maria Rosendorfski (right), soprano Maria Magdalena Katarina Ross from Grau's Tudar with her greyhound Borzoi during dog casting.

Maria Rosendorfski (right), soprano Maria Magdalena Katarina Ross from Grau’s Tudar with her greyhound Borzoi during dog casting.

Source: Jason Cheplyakov/DPA

Nothing comes of the idea of ​​Ulm Theater’s four-legged friend. The Veterinary Authority expressed concern. Currently, the director’s team wants to rewrite the work.

NDue to the Veterinary Authority’s veto, no dogs will appear at the Ulm Theater in the end. In the piece, titled “Lessons of Love and Violence,” the four-legged friend allegedly stood next to singer Maria Rosendorfski on stage twice for about 10 to 15 minutes. Ten opera performances are scheduled from June to July. The theater announced Thursday that the Department of Veterinary Medicine has declared the dogs sensitized due to ambient noise from singing and orchestras.

During the initial casting, the furry candidates reportedly responded calmly to the song. Nevertheless, they want to prioritize animal welfare over theatrical ideas. Among those in attendance at the casting were three dogs and their owners, soprano Maria Rosendorfski and a representative from a veterinary office. The director’s team now wants to rearrange the planned scenes. Animal protection group Peta had also previously raised concerns. The dog would not have needed any tricks. The four-legged friend simply stood impassively at Rosendorfski’s side on stage.

It was not uncommon for representatives of veterinary departments to be present during castings. “If an animal, in this case a dog, is to be exhibited, it must be reported to the competent authority in order to obtain the corresponding permit,” the Veterinary Authority explained at the time. There was already a list of criteria in the room. The dog must be an adult, healthy and confident animal. Dogs should also be accustomed to external stimuli, such as noise, indoor spaces, and crowds of people, and be able to cope with them relatively stress-free. Nevertheless, the Veterinary Authority banned the use of dogs.

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