May 18, 2024

– Having your own garden is a paradise not only for humans but also for our four-legged friends. However, it is not a good idea to let your dog frequently urinate on the grass or bed.

Although it seems completely harmless at first, it can cause serious damage in the long run. If your dog is in your yard, it’s inevitable that he’ll be marking his territory or just wanting to relieve himself.

This is why dog ​​urine is so dangerous to plants

However, this can have serious effects on the plant. Dog urine can cause tan spots on lawns and muddy areas. Renowned dog trainer Martin Rütter also warns about hedges and blackened trees on his website.

Usually, if your dog pees in this area once, no damage will occur. However, if this happens often or there are several dogs in the yard, things can quickly become critical.

This method allows you to dump dog urine on your lawn.

The reason is that, like magazines, the salt in urine draws water from grass and plant cells. my beautiful garden He explained. If a large amount of urine seeps into the ground, the roots will soon be unable to absorb water at all. Even large plants such as trees and shrubs are not protected from this in the long term.

To prevent this from happening, whenever your dog relieves himself in his favorite spot, pour water over the area to dilute the urine. If that bothers you, you can also set up a natural dog toilet in a corner of your garden where pee is out of the way. After that, you need to get your dog used to using the new litter box.

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