May 20, 2024

Due to the Veterinary Authority’s veto, no dogs will appear at the Ulm Theater in the end. The agency believes the performance is “too sensitive” due to the background noise from the singing and orchestra.

The Ulm Theater was looking for a dog to appear in a scene from an opera. But nothing comes from an animal’s appearance. The Veterinary Authority expressed concern. Next, we need to rearrange the animal scene.

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The aristocratic lady’s greyhound was the furry favorite in the casting. His name is Borzoi. A theater spokeswoman said he and the other candidates reacted calmly to the opera singing.

The response to Ulm Theater’s appeal was “overwhelming”

It all started with a phone call from the theater. Interested dog owners should contact us. The response was overwhelming and enthusiastic, the theater wrote. Singer Maria Rosendorfski would have been “looking forward to this special teammate.”

Past photo: Singer Maria Rosendorfski (right) and greyhound "Barsoi" By Maria Magdalena Katarina Ross of Grosse Tudor during the casting of the dog. Now, dogs don't have stages.  (Photo: DPA Bildfunk, Photo Alliance/DPA | Jason Tschepljakow)

Past photo: Singer Maria Rosendorfski (right) and greyhound “Borsoy” (produced by Maria Magdalena Katarina Ross, Gross’ Tudor) during the casting of the dog. Now, dogs don’t have stages.

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Picture Alliance/DPA | Jason Cheplyakow

The dog would not have needed any tricks. The four-legged friend simply stood impassively at Rosendorfski’s side on stage. A Tale with a Dog by British composer George Benjamin is titled “Lessons in Love and Violence” and is a royal drama about power and passion.

“Statements of Concern” – including those from PETA

But dogs do not participate in the games of love and power on stage. The reason is the sensitive ears of dogs. Noise pollution from singing and orchestras is unacceptable. The theater also received “concerning comments” from animal protection groups such as PETA.


A scene from "parsifal" - Markus Franke plays the future Holy Grail King Parsifal, and Sabine Hogrefe plays the mysterious magician Kundry. This opera will be performed for the first time at the theater in Ulm.  (Photo: Ulm Theater Press Office, Photo: Kerstin Schomburg)

Unusual opera marathon premiere on Sunday
Ulm Theater: The curtain finally rises on Wagner’s Parsifal

Wagner fans had to wait a long time for this. Sunday, the time has come. The curtain opens on the multi-hour opera Parsifal at the Ulm Theater. But it’s not just for enthusiasts.

SWR2 Midday Diary


There was already a list of criteria in the room. The dog must be an adult, healthy and confident animal. Dogs should also be accustomed to external stimuli, such as noise, indoor spaces, and crowds of people, and be able to cope with them relatively stress-free. Actually everything went well.

However, despite this relaxed four-legged friend, the Veterinary Bureau has now banned the use of dogs. The Ulm Theater would like to express its deepest gratitude to everyone who is interested in participating in this project with the animals.

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