May 27, 2024

In the 1940s, Famous Dogs touched the hearts of movie audiences. In “Benji – In the Hot Truck,” he was a half-breed dog who rescued kidnapped children. The St. Bernard was featured in the comedy “A Dog Named Beethoven,” but in “Marley and Me,” the St. Bernard was a Labrador. Now, Mark Wahlberg befriends a four-legged friend he meets on the street in “King Arthur.”

true story

The film is based on the true story of Swedish extreme athlete Mikael Lindnord, on whom Wahlberg’s character Michael Wright is based. Michael is considered one of the best in the profession, and although he has participated in many grueling multi-day endurance races, he has never won. After failing in his last race, the fact that a photo of him stuck in the mud went viral on social media and was also posted by his disgruntled teammate Leo (Marvel star Simu Liu) bothered him. . His father’s job at his company doesn’t suit his adrenaline junkie at all.

Michael wants to know again. He consults with Leo and assembles a team for the “Adventure Racing World Championship.” The team also includes climbing expert Olivia (Fast and Furious star Nathalie Emmanuel) and Tick (Ali Saliman), who is actually too old. . The quartet leaves for the Dominican Republic. There, after some fairly sparse preparation, they race through jungles, climb mountains, cross deep canyons and raging rivers, pushing themselves to the limits of their physical and mental endurance.

motivator dog

During their 700-kilometre adventure, as their morale begins to wane due to various setbacks, Michael and his colleagues encounter a sick stray dog ​​they had fed three days earlier, more than 300 kilometers from their current location. This trusty half-breed, whom Michael names Arthur, saves the quartet from danger and quickly becomes an important motive. In particular, the team leader develops a liking for an unexpected teammate.

British director Simon Celan-Jones has worked primarily in television throughout his long career. “King Arthur” is Wahlberg’s second collaboration project in a short period of time, following last year’s action comedy “Family Plan.” After a somewhat slow start, the friendly Screen His adventure picks up the pace. This well-directed, fun and feel-good movie entertains with beautiful scenery, great actors, and animal stars that you, as the viewer, will instantly fall in love with.

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