May 27, 2024

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With over 350,000 followers on YouTube, Daniel Jolles has a wide range of influence in the dog training scene. His new book, Species Appropriate Dog Training, focuses on the most important topics.

Among other things, Daniel Jaures runs Germany’s largest YouTube channel on dog training, with more than 350,000 followers. He recognized that his model of scientific communication could be applied to the human-canine relationship and developed his own training and analysis system. This allows mistakes and misunderstandings in communication between humans and dogs to be discovered and easily corrected. In an interview with IPPEN.MEDIA, Daniel Jolles reveals why communication is important in dog training and what else is important. His new book, Species Appropriate Dog Training, is dedicated to the most important topics.

“Species Appropriate Dog Training” by Daniel Jore: That’s What This Book Is About

Oberhausen dog trainer Daniel Jaures with his two dogs and the cover of ``Species Appropriate Dog Training''
Dog trainer Daniel Jaurès has published a new guide called ‘Species Appropriate Dog Training’. © Funke Photo Services/Imago/Arkana (montage)

A harmonious and fulfilling relationship between humans and dogs is primarily based on one factor: a relationship based on mutual trust, reliability, understanding, and affection. Dogs that feel safe with humans will follow and respect humans of their own volition, even without the need to constantly pull on the leash or give them regular treats.

Daniel Jolles, certified dog trainer, human psychologist, and founder of Dog University, has developed a psychological dog training method that allows you to connect this invisible leash both playfully and permanently. It reveals how similar the social behavior of humans and dogs is and how natural interactions can be achieved.

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This book includes an extensive practical section that includes:

  • exercises for clear communication,
  • The basics of understanding body language signals,
  • observation training,
  • Why are typical social conflicts so important?
  • Rules for calm behavior at home,
  • exercises for appropriate social play;
  • Tips and tricks for solving tasks together
  • A joint relaxation session between humans and dogs.

The book Species-Appropriate Dog Training provides important background information and practical instructions to help make humans and dogs a unique team. In this article on you can read how a Doberman protects a toddler who has climbed onto the balcony.

Daniel Jolles “Fair Dog Training”

2024 Arcana, ISBN-13 978-3-442-34323-2

Price: Hardcover €25, 224 pages

Daniel Jolles: About the author

Daniel Jolles, a passionate dog trainer and founder of Germany’s famous online dog school Doguniversity, has been fascinated by dogs and wolves since childhood. After completing his studies in human psychology and completing systematic coaching training, he began to focus on the psychological aspects of human-dog interaction. With his platform online, he has already helped hundreds of thousands of dog owners improve communication with their beloved four-legged friends. The author currently lives in Essen with her German Shepherd/Labrador mix.

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