May 27, 2024

It has been officially decided that Leonie Martens will participate in the Paris Olympics! The Magdeburg woman couldn’t afford to miss out on a ticket to the 400m freestyle.

Frank Weksel / Spomedis Leonie Martens (left) and 400m winner Isabelle Goes.

Isabelle Gosse was a clear winner in the 400m freestyle. The Magdeburg-born swimmer, who finished third at the World Cup, dominated from the get-go and swam within 4:02.48 of the German record (4:02.39). Leonie Martens wins the race for a second Olympic berth. The Magdeburg women took second place with a time of 4:08.84 minutes, relegating Leonie Kullman to third place. Mertens’ 4:07.69 minute last week was enough to earn him a ticket to Paris. After her finale, she revealed that her mother gave her a treat.

Leonie Martens, what does finally secured Olympic qualification mean to you? To be honest, I don’t even know what to say. My biggest dream has come true. I hope we see that in some upcoming routes. Instead of one route at the Olympics, ideally there will be three.

How worried were you about losing your Olympic starting spot? I knew I could swim in time, but I was very nervous that others would be faster. Luckily, Leonie (Kulman, editor’s note) was next to me so she could see everything.

Although he qualified for the World Cup last year, he was unable to participate due to surgery. How difficult was it to get out of there? It was a very difficult surgery as I was physically limited. My trainers Bernd, Norbert and Katie got me out of there. And of course my training group and family, they all helped me so I’m very grateful to them.

And now it’s the Olympics. are you happy? I have no words. My family is shocked. When I get back, I’m sure I’ll have a big celebration with my family. I also plan to get a dog, which I promised my mother.

Do you have a dog? She promised me that if I qualified for the Olympics. That dog was owned by my best friend. It’s a Chihuahua. He will be born in two months and will spend several more weeks with his mother. That means I can pick her up as soon as the Olympics are over.

Do you have a name yet? Paris!

Frank Weksel / Spomedis One step faster than Leonie Martens: German champion Isabelle Gose.

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