July 12, 2024

life on the high seas

Catamaran couple shares unusual solution to dog poop on board

Today, April 25, 2024 | 12:14

From dog poop to laundry to saving water, Sierra Sweezy shares the less glamorous aspects of life at sea on TikTok. According to the Daily Mail, her accommodation is an 11-metre catamaran with her husband Billy and her dog Jetty on board. She gained her loyal fans thanks to the stories of her life on a boat.

Sea dog: “I use the ship’s trampoline as a toilet”

Sierra humorously answered a question about how her dog works on the water. She explained that she usually takes Jetty to shore in the dinghy for a walk in the morning and evening. “But in the rare cases when we’re out at sea for days on end, she uses the net on deck as a toilet, and we just wash it with soap and water,” Sierra says. said.

On TikTok, Sierra shows how to operate a small washing machine. She goes for a quick run to save as much water as possible. “I usually clean the engine on the day I use it, because the motor charges the battery and the water filter and washing machine use a lot of electricity and water,” she explains. She then hangs the laundry on the boat’s railing on deck to dry.


Daily life on a catamaran

Even in heavy rain, sailors try to make the most of the situation. So they installed rain catchers to fill water tanks for washing dishes and showering. They also take advantage of the heavy tropical rain to clean boat decks and showers.

The Sweezys’ current boat is the fifth they have owned and lived on. The couple specializes in boat renovations.

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