May 20, 2024

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Abandoned puppy found in Memmingen and handed over to animal shelter
The puppies were abandoned in the woods near Trankelsberg and Eisenburg in all weather conditions. Police are appealing for information about animals and crimes. © Memmingen Animal Shelter

At around 4pm on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, a man found an abandoned puppy in the forest between Trankelsberg and Eisenburg. He was lucky, but a passerby probably saved his life. Police are looking for witnesses who can testify about the abandoned animals and the crime.

Trankelsberg – An attentive man found a small dog box covered with cloth in the woods. Inside the box was a Maltese puppy, about 4 to 5 months old, and a small bowl of food. The discoverer took the dog home and notified an animal shelter. Previous estimates suggest that the animal only lived for a short period of time due to weather conditions and food availability.

The animal had a chip, but it was not registered in Germany.

Items to which dogs were exposed include:

  • red/white dog box
  • green/red checked kitchen towel
  • Soft purple blanket with colorful patterns
  • small blue terry cloth
  • Stainless steel bowl with dog bones printed on it
  • non-slip stainless steel bowl
Dog box with blanket, towel and bowl
The puppy was abandoned in this dog box. These objects may provide clues to the dog’s origins. Police are appealing for information from the public. © Memmingen Animal Shelter

Anyone who can provide any relevant information about the animal found or the crime is asked to contact Memmingen Police on 08331/1000.

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