May 20, 2024

This week too, many pet owners and pet owners applied to vote with their pets. I would like to introduce some candidates for Inu Chancellor.

The search for Germany’s new dog chancellor has begun. And the second round is almost over. Dog fans nationwide can vote until Friday afternoon. Over the past few days, we have received a number of applications for dogs to the Prime Minister’s Office. Each one even more beautiful than the last.

We are looking for the most beautiful dog in Germany! Who will you vote for?

There’s an adorable dog named “Mrs. Merkel” who was even photographed stylishly in the Chancellor’s setting by her master and mistress. Furthermore, Otto is a kind man who wraps everyone’s fingers around him with his cute smile. And Eddie even gives a more than seductive wink to the voters vying for the title of “2024 Dog Chancellor”…this week, one of his adorable four-legged friends has a chance to win I wonder?

Voting – All important information regarding the elections can be found on our website By the way, all applicants who didn’t win this week don’t have to be sad. Reason: The next vote begins in the afternoon. Dogs from all over Germany will then be able to register again. And there will be a re-vote! In the summer, a new dog prime minister will be chosen from all weekly winners. Get involved and apply – we’ll always keep working together!

Dog Chancellor 2024: This is what weekly winners get

By the way, this week we’re giving away great prizes to weekly winners. Professional training at Underdogx Dog Training Center. Boss Marcus Binder is an officially certified dog trainer. He is not only a trainer and expert, but also works as a trainer and instructor at the academy. therapy dog. Doggy Dog dog food packages are also available. web His shop sells healthy wet meats made from fresh meat without GMOs, animal testing, or artificial additives and with salmon oil, green-lipped mussels, and other high-quality ingredients. We provide food.

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