May 18, 2024

“Dogs can smell different scents”
Emergency services trace missing Ariane’s footprints

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The search for six-year-old Ariane is underway using drones, helicopters, boats and Tornado planes. However, the child remains missing for three consecutive nights. Now it looks like we have a clue. Emergency services hope it will help save the boy.

While searching for six-year-old Ariane from Bremerfelde in Lower Saxony, emergency services may have found traces of the child. A police spokesperson said in the morning: “Yesterday evening, we discovered footprints that we believe belong to Ariane.” “This suggests a possible direction for Ariane. The dogs picked up the scent.”

The trail continues north along the Oste River. The boy loved water, so he may have been walking along the river. There is a pond near the river. Police divers began searching the pond on Thursday, a police spokesperson said. Initially, this search was unsuccessful. A police spokesperson declined to say whether the search of the pond had been completed or whether it would continue.

Hundreds of firefighters, police, other organizations and numerous volunteers have been searching for the child since Monday night. A drone with a thermal imaging camera, dogs, a boat, a helicopter, a Tornado plane and police divers were also used to find the boy.

Rescue workers used fireworks, balloons and candy to attract the missing boy’s attention in a wooded area adjacent to his parents’ home. Police say the 6-year-old boy has autism, which makes the search even more difficult because he is unable to express his feelings and does not respond when spoken to.

Search is difficult because the boy has autism

Maybe the boy is hiding and doesn’t come out even if he notices someone nearby. He does not feel hungry, thirsty or disgusted, the spokesperson said.

After several cold nights, a police spokesperson described the situation as very serious. Ariane disappeared from her parents’ home around 7:30pm on Monday night. He was wearing only a sweater and sweatpants. He may also go out wearing socks and no shoes.

According to police, surveillance camera footage confirmed that the boy disappeared from his home alone. As always, the area will continue to be searched “piecemeal”, police said.

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