May 18, 2024

Animal shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia do their best to provide a better life for dogs, cats, rats, and more. However, moving into an animal shelter doesn’t guarantee that everything will go well from one day to the next.

The frightening events some animals experience often have lasting effects, both psychologically and physically. This also applies to Luna, a Shar Pei dog who recently arrived at the Zolstock animal shelter in Cologne. She has been struggling with her own past for a long time.

Dogs in North Rhine-Westphalia are subjected to terrible treatment

Luna came to the Zolstock animal shelter in Cologne as a found animal after her previous owner abandoned her in the middle of the city. “Based on her condition upon arrival, it appears that her former owners were completely overwhelmed by this puppy,” the animal shelter wrote on Facebook.

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Her sight was terrifying – only a small part of her body was still covered with fur. She was scared of all the staff at the animal shelter, couldn’t build trust with anyone, and she was constantly fighting the itch.

Luna’s life at the animal shelter didn’t start out so rosy. Zookeepers had to replace the animal’s diet and use all medical measures to relieve itching and regrow its fur.

Animal shelter is looking for a new owner for Luna

The dog’s condition seems to be improving now. “Luna is initially wary of strangers and tries to keep her distance,” the animal shelter notes, “but she quickly overcomes her shyness and later develops a rough-and-tumble behavior.” Demonstrates nature. Especially on daily walks, Lunas like to lead and are very busy taking care of their surroundings. Their strong motivation for hunting and play is especially noticeable. , can get them out of this behavior. Luna is very interested in her friends, but she still has to learn how to properly introduce herself.

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After Luna is nursed back, the animal shelter is now hoping to provide her with the home the dog deserves. So that we can let people in. Because of their strong hunting instincts, do not allow small animals or cats to live in your new home. With empathy between dogs, it is possible to make Luna the first dog who can confidently look in her direction and at most learn something. For Luna, having a place where she can relax in moments of rest will also make life with her children possible. ”

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