May 21, 2024

Bad Pyrmont. Flames burst from the roof of a detached house in Förstergasse in Bad Pyrmont. The light of the fire could be seen even from a distance. A huge plume of smoke rose near Bathildis Hospital.

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Early Thursday morning, at 3:15 a.m., residents were startled awake by the sound of their smoke detectors beeping. It smelled like fire. The 59-year-old man immediately evacuated himself and his dog to a safe location. Police said her husband was on night shift. According to police, two of his neighbors had already called the fire department at this point. The man was on his way to the bathroom when he saw a “flicker of light” so he looked out the window and saw flames. A woman living nearby also noticed the fire and called 112.

The 59-year-old man was able to escape the burning house and was cared for by emergency personnel. An aluminum emergency blanket will protect you from the cold.

Red Cross paramedics bring a stretcher to the scene of the fire.

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After receiving the first emergency call, the control center dispatched the Bad Pyrmont and Holzhausen fire departments to Förstergasse, as well as an ambulance from the nearby DRK station. Health experts from Levensen and Thal, a drone unit from the city fire department, and expert advisors from THW and DRK also arrived. City Fire Chief Mike Gyodeke took over management of the operation. The goal was to save a house whose roof had been destroyed by the flames and protect another building.

“Sparks were flying, so I immediately set the lock position,” says Gyodeke. That is, the neighboring house was protected by water. Firefighters extinguished the fire both inside and outside and used thermal imaging cameras to assess the situation.

Flames are coming from the roof of a single-family home. A fire breaks out in the attic. Firefighters are working to extinguish the fire both indoors and outdoors.

Crews equipped with powerful breathing apparatus approached the blaze and battled it. A turntable ladder was also extended and firefighters illuminated the scene from the basket. Drone pilot Fabian Biermann raised his quadrocopter. Aerial images from a thermal imaging camera transmitted to the City Fire Department’s operational control vehicle provided valuable information to the City Fire Chief and his team.

Firefighters were able to see a particularly hot spot under the roof tiles on a monitor. There must have been some embers there. “Our purchase of drone technology paid off,” says Gyodeke. “This saved our guys from a dangerous mission on the roof.” City Fire Chief Mike Gödeke and his lieutenants Patrick Biermann and Stefan Dressler formed two operational sections. did. Mario Rhys led the inside attack, while Jens Stieve led the outside attack. The concept worked.

Respiratory protection team heading to the fire scene: The early morning temperature was only 4 degrees Celsius, with occasional heavy rain. Firefighters set up tents for members to warm up.

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The internal attack required a lot of respiratory protection, so Gödeke, the operations director, called the Hagen fire department. A truck with “respiratory protection/radiation protection” equipment from the fire department in Kirchechen also headed to Förstergasse.

It took hours to extinguish the fire. “We had to cut through the roof of the extension with a rescue saw and remove tiles from the roof of the house in order to search for hidden embers. DRK Ambulance Service in Bad Pyrmont provided medical support for the major operation. Not only that, but we also provided hot drinks and bread rolls to 114 emergency services.” It was at 8:13 a.m. that Gyodeke was able to alert the control center that there was a fire.

Firefighters illuminate the fire scene from an extended turntable ladder basket. A lot of smoke rises. Therefore, the flame is almost invisible.

Crime Scene Group investigators secured evidence and seized the scene of the fire. It is now believed that a burnt cable in the exterior wall may have ignited the house’s insulation, causing the fire to spread to the roof structure.

Fire investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department are looking for further clues.


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