May 18, 2024

Ten years ago, a male Weimaraner was kidnapped in Zurich.
Ten years ago, a male Weimaraner was kidnapped in Zurich.

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Ten years ago, a woman was found guilty of kidnapping a dog. The animal passed away last year, never seeing its rightful owner again.

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  • Ten years ago, a woman kidnapped a male Weimar dog from an architect in a Gold Coast community.
  • Now she has been found guilty.
  • The dog passed away last summer.

A specially set up Facebook group searched for Odin, the dog who was kidnapped 10 years ago. Now the kidnapper has been convicted.

But from the beginning. The male Weimar was born in 2010 and was owned by an architect on the Gold Coast. NZZ reports that a woman approached him while out for a walk and pointed out that she had owned such a dog in the past.

This is the development of acquaintance. The dog’s owner left Odin with the woman on an hourly basis for a fee. She had to go to Italy for four weeks in 2013, so she kept the dog with her for a month and paid her 1,000 francs.

she said she was on vacation

But when he returned, the woman was no longer there. She later contacted her master, who explained that she was on vacation with Odin. There has been no trace of the dog since.

The 49-year-old was found guilty of embezzlement. Odin’s legal owner contacted the local government, police and a lawyer, but Odin refused to return the dog. Police entered the woman’s apartment, but found it abandoned and empty. It also says she left behind a large amount of debt to the authorities.

The architect even hired a private investigator to try to find his dog again, but without success.

The woman was deregistered at the Civil Registration Office and has since lived mainly in other European countries, having been in France for several years. Additionally, she said she treated her dog like her own pet.

Conditional fine of 7,200 francs

According to the penalty order, the dog died in June 2023 without ever seeing its legal owner again.

The woman was sentenced to 60 conditional fines of CHF120 per day (or CHF7,200). This comes with a 2 year trial period. In addition, she was fined her 1,000 francs and as her procedural costs she must pay 2,750 francs.

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