May 18, 2024

Surveillance camera photos show the full extent of its brutality. At least two stray dogs, apparently black Labradors, jump over a 1.20 meter high fence. They hunted chickens in free-range pens and killed 11 chickens. This happened last Saturday, April 20th.

Chicken owners are scared

“Neighbors saw them tearing apart the roosters,” said poultry farmer Monica Mayer. She feels abandoned by the authorities. She said: “People are sometimes afraid of encountering these dogs because a lot of people keep their dogs on leads and are vulnerable to these animals.

Many people in town are now afraid to let their children play in their yards. Fences are also clearly not an obstacle for dogs. “I’m very scared too,” says the neighbor, who simply goes to the front door with pepper spray.

Dinkelschaben residents expect authorities to intervene

“I no longer understand why it’s taking so long,” Mayer criticized. In her opinion, dogs that have developed this type of habit belong “fully in the hands of experts.” She has now made the chicken enclosure secure again with a higher fence.

These are probably the same dogs that caused problems with Dinkelshaben several times. The police in Zsmarshausen also assume this. Last year, the dogs were left unsupervised in a schoolyard in Dinkelschaben.

It looks like the stray biting dog has been released.

Officials say the dog, along with other dogs, bit at least two people. The animals escaped from their owner’s garden through a hole in the fence. Another biting incident prompted city security officials to take action. As per the order, three of the original five dogs were taken away from the man.

Police adopted the dog last October and took it to an animal shelter. The man was only allowed to keep one disabled dog. It is currently unknown how the man retrieved the three dogs from the animal shelter. The office said he “unlawfully stole” the dog. Local residents claim they learned the dog was stolen from an animal shelter in February.

Communities and police see little room for maneuver.

The Dinkelshaben community explains: The dog’s owner is no longer at the previous address. It went “hidden” so to speak. That’s why it’s not easy to get the dog back from him.

Zsmarshausen police say officers can only intervene if there is a concrete danger situation. If you see a dog running around in the area, please call the police.

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