July 12, 2024

Shocking animal shelter in Bavaria

9 kittens abandoned in trash bags – dog becomes lifesaver

Today, April 25, 2024 | 10:54

The Fürth Animal Shelter is currently causing distrust with an emotional post on Facebook. “A stranger dumped a cat and eight kittens in a garbage bag on the side of the road.” The dog has become a lifesaver for the cat family.

Admissions are currently frozen at many animal shelters in Bavaria, and the Fürth animal shelter in Stadelner Hard is currently completely overcrowded. It was so crowded that animal shelter manager Michaela Pfaff had to house the new foundlings in her home. The cat family has a sad fate.

As animal rights activists explained in a recent Facebook post on Monday, a mother cat was found in a garbage bag with her eight-day-old kittens on the side of a road in the city of Fürth. The dog became an “unexpected rescuer” and ensured the cat’s family was found in time.

“I was devastated to hear these stories and couldn’t help but provide protection, warmth and care to this small family, despite the severe lack of space in animal shelters.” reports Pfaff, an animal shelter manager. We also didn’t want the mother cat to be under any more stress or worry about her baby while looking for a place. Although “Flawski”, whom Pfaff affectionately calls her mother, is still young, she has so far proven to be a very exemplary and wonderful mother cat. Slowly but surely, she built trust in her helpers and would come out of her cat hole from time to time for a cuddle.

Animal shelter appeals to residents

Her children are growing well so far. [haben sie] The animal shelter said, “We are not aware of the mother’s stress yet.” Animal rights activists have stressed that the cats are not yet ready for adoption and are expected to be released in 10 weeks at the earliest. The mother cat must also be neutered beforehand.

Puff is urging people to neuter their cats and not buy cats of questionable pedigree. “There is no excuse for such ‘culling’, even if not all animal shelters and rescue centers are able to provide space immediately,” the animal shelter manager said.


“The situation in Germany’s animal shelters is dramatic.”

According to the German Animal Welfare Association, about two-thirds of animal shelters will stop accepting animals in April. The facility is not only severely underfunded, but also overcrowded.

“The situation in Germany’s animal shelters is dramatic and their acute overload is one of the most pressing animal protection problems,” Federal Government Animal Protection Officer Ariane-Désiré Cali said in early April. told the German news agency.

The German Animal Welfare Association is now worried about an “oversupply of kittens” in the coming months and spring, as it described in a press release a few days ago. An umbrella group for animal protection groups is expecting a sharp increase in the number of unwanted kittens being found, surrendered or abandoned in already crowded animal shelters. At the same time, more kittens will die prematurely on the streets without human care. According to the Animal Welfare Association, the cause of the “kitten surplus” is unneutered stray cats kept in private households and stray cats breeding uncontrollably.

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