May 21, 2024

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If you have friends who always get teary-eyed when they watch movies about dogs, King Arthur will make you want to go to the theater again.

At BuzzFeed, we love dogs. They are angelic creatures and can never do bad things. If you look at these dogs, you will see that they are very innocent. Their only sin is making us cry too often. Yes, that includes tears of joy. And luckily for all you dog lovers who don’t own a dog, there are plenty of movies that will make you cry a lot.

As of today, there’s one more. “King Arthur” will be released in German cinemas on March 25th. I know what you’re thinking right now. All dogs are big. He’s good at melting my heart!!! And it’s Arthur who makes it explode. Because this new movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Simu Liu is based on a true story about the most amazing dog of all time.

At the Adventure Racing World Championship in South America, stray dog ​​Arthur joins a group of runners and OF COURSE becomes their best friend and MVP. The race lasts for his 10 days and more than 400 miles, ensuring eye safety.

Don’t want to have tissues in your pocket after the movie theater? Then, here are even more dog movies ranked based on guaranteed howl factor.

10. 101 Dalmatians

Why cry: Nostalgic concentration hits the bib like a big pack of onions. And only 10th place! The main culprit is a scene in which a Dalmatian puppy is mistaken for dead before being brought back to life by her loving petting. If you don’t do that, the Disney fun will be quite tame and you’ll end up crying even more because your heart won’t be able to handle the cuteness of 101 Dalmatians.

Solar radiation coefficient: There’s a bit of a loud scream before everything goes back to normal. 2/10

9. Isle of Dogs – Atalis Reise

Why cry: A boy searches for his beloved dog after the government banishes all dogs to an island. The saddest dog-human setting anyone has ever dreamed of. Wes Anderson tramples on our emotions while rewarding us with the cutest stop-motion dog troupe ever.

Solar radiation coefficient: Basically, he is in a sad mood staring at the wall, but his wounds are being treated. 3/10

8. Homesick

Why cry: The Mother of All Las Vegas Movies: This movie is 50% sad on average because it’s from the 1940s and movies from that time have a certain pathos. Lassie is basically forced throughout the movie to run away from people and return to her beloved master, Joe. A little boy and his dog are just hanging out together.

Solar radiation coefficient: No constant sniffling or soul-destroying elements. 3.5/10

7. Caps and cappers

Why cry: Explain to your child why dogs and foxes cannot easily become friends. This movie accomplishes that, but at what cost? Let Cap and Capper remain loving, playing babies forever. Being an adult is dirty, and these two are worth more than being hunting dogs and prey.

Solar radiation coefficient: Disney is not a monster, but this movie comes close. 4.5/10

6. Charlie – All dogs go to heaven

Why cry: Dog Heaven was invented to comfort children, not to make them cry. This movie accomplishes both. Charlie the German Shepherd is taken around the corner, but he still doesn’t consider himself dog food. Instead, he cheats his way back to Earth and risks staying in Hell forever. His emotional roller coaster ride was really unbearable at his young age of 6 or his 7 years.

Solar radiation coefficient: Even Disney wouldn’t want to create such a depressing situation. 5/10

5. Marley & Me

Why cry: Anyone who spent their childhood with a dog by their side will be reminded and sob many times in this movie. Because it’s not about anything else. Because one family shares their life with their beloved dog, Marley. But even if you don’t have a dog, you’ll quickly fall in love with this little fool before it gets ripped from you.

Solar radiation coefficient: A wolf in sheep’s clothing, sadness stands behind you and pushes you away throughout the movie. 6/10

4. Frankenweenie

Why cry: Every dog ​​parent’s worst nightmare! While playing ball, Victor’s dog Sparky runs into the road and is run over. No kid will put up with that, so Victor brings his best friend back to life…which (as the name suggests) causes a whole Frankenstein monster situation.

Solar radiation coefficient: It’s a soft “graveyard of stuffed animals”, but there are still too many deaths! 6.5/10

3. whose

Why cry: Stephen King’s stories will make you cry more times than watching “Titanic” all the time. Exhibits A, B, and C: Cujo, the mad dog who attacks a mother and child and terrorizes them throughout the film. He is sick so he can’t do anything. It’s a nightmare for the family and for everyone who can’t watch a person or dog suffer.

Solar radiation coefficient: Please do not expect. This story is by Stephen King. Only the original book is terrible. 8/10

2. Hachiko – A wonderful friendship

Why cry: Understatement of the century. A more appropriate title for the film would be “The heartbreakingly beautiful, soul-crushing friendship we didn’t deserve but desperately needed.” The story of Akita Hachiko and his eternal master is based on a true story. In 1920s Tokyo, real dogs became known for their undying loyalty.

Solar radiation coefficient: When I hear the word “bee,” I start crying now, rather than feeling healthy. 10/10

1. His friend Jello

Why cry: A sweet little story about a boy who has to quickly become a man and a stray cat that sneaks into his heart. If you want to keep it this way, switch it off now and enjoy a soft howl factor of 3/10. If you continue to observe, get extra absorbent tissues and prepare for the worst.

Solar radiation coefficient: I will repeat the moment when my eyes overflow with tears…until the water supply opens. 100/10

Once you’ve regained some clarity of vision after a big crying orgy, you’ll understand why I hate seeing dogs in movies. Because we love them so much!

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