May 18, 2024

Campolongo di Eboli – Shock a day after the tragic death of 13-month-old Francesco Pio D’Amaro, who was attacked by two pit bulls in the front garden of his house in the countryside of Campolongo di Eboli, near Salerno. is deep.

Early reconstructions suggest the tragedy occurred because the danger posed by the two fighting dogs was underestimated. Contrary to initial reports that the two dogs were unremarkable, it was discovered on Tuesday that the two dogs had already injured another dog, possibly the father.

According to the first reconstruction by the Carabinieri, the child was in the arms of his uncle Simone at the time of the attack. As Simone was about to leave the house with her little boy in her arms, the two dogs that were running free in the front garden heard the door open and gathered around Francesco Pio De. Ta. Amaro collapsed at 13 months old. “They attacked him and wouldn’t let him go,” said one of the victim’s uncles. – iconic images

The screams of Simone and the boy’s mother, Paola Santoro, woke the victim’s second uncle, Giuseppe, who was also in the house. Both tried to free the child from the dog’s clutches, but the pit bull attacked them again, causing various injuries to their hands and feet. Giuseppe tried desperately to get the two dogs to let go, hitting the two dogs with a stick, but to no avail.


When rescuers arrived, they saw a horrifying sight. The boy lay on the table wrapped in a blanket while the adults screamed in despair. Any help came too late for Francesco Pio D’Amaro. He died at the scene of the tragedy from severe bite wounds. The injured were given first aid and taken to hospital, but the two dogs were captured and locked in a kennel.

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The two animals were seized on orders from health authorities and prosecutors. The dog will be observed for 10 days to determine if it is infected with rabies. In this case, they will be euthanized immediately. However, dangerous dogs can be euthanized, even if they are proven to be dangerous. Contrary to initial reports that the two dogs appeared unremarkable before attacking the boy, the victim’s uncle testified that the animals had already attacked another dog, possibly her father.

The two dogs are said to belong to a friend of the mother and her ex-husband. A woman suffered a seizure after her dog attacked and fatally injured a toddler. It wasn’t until the day after the tragedy that the woman was able to be interviewed by investigators again.

Francesco Pio D’Amaro was born from the relationship of his mother, Paola Santoro, with a Moroccan national. The woman’s ex-partner already had two other children and was aware of the man. Paola Santoro, from Montecorvino Rovella, works in a bar near Battipaglia. After breaking up with her first partner, Paola Santoro rented an apartment with a friend of hers who also owns two pit bulls.

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Eboli Mayor Mario Conte said the two dogs were always free to run around the square in front of the house, contradicting statements made by Paola Santoro’s sister Milena. A small child appeared. Mario Conte added that the funeral costs will be borne by the municipality. – Symbol build

Marco Merosi, president of the Italian Veterinary Association (ANVI), is calling on parliamentarians to introduce a “dog license”. “Regulations that apply to 80% of European countries will be needed, where strict rules are imposed on people who own dogs such as pit bulls, Argentine dogos, and similar dogs of potentially dangerous breeds. In order to learn how to train and handle the dog, the owner must attend a course with a veterinarian. Only then can he be given permission to take such a dog home.”・Meroshi emphasizes.

Marco Melosi explains that pit bulls are not a recognized breed by ENCI. “Dogs act on instinct, so in theory all dogs can be ‘dangerous’ under certain conditions.” They may latch on to the perception of danger that only they have in their head and react by interpreting it as a warning or alarm. Of course, when dealing with dachshund reactions, the problem is minor, but the same trigger can cause dangerous bite injuries in pit bulls, whose physical characteristics include strong muscles and large teeth. The first and most important rule is that the dog and child should never be alone in the same room. Dogs view children as equals because they are approximately the same size. Therefore, when approaching a child, the dog does not follow the normal approach rules, which means that the dog may react with a bite, ”explains the president of the Italian Veterinary Association.

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There is a general opinion among Italian citizens that there is a need to abide by the law. The sad thing is that the tragic death of young Francesco Pio D’Amaro could have been easily avoided if more care had been taken with the dogs.

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