May 21, 2024

Two men and their dog had to be rescued from a motorboat on Tuesday. It was stuck near Wangerooge and was actually scheduled to be taken to Bremerhaven. But that didn’t happen.

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Wanger Rouge – Two men called for help from sea rescue services at around 10.30am on Tuesday after their motorboat became stranded on a wind farm near Wangerloge. They tried to take a boat ride from Cuxhaven to Bremerhaven with their dog when both engines died. They were in the middle of the Nordergrund wind farm, about 14 kilometers northwest of Wangerooge Island, when they tried to call for help. However, due to poor mobile phone network conditions, the connection kept dropping and subsequent attempts to communicate failed. The crew used the salvage team’s SafeTRX app, which transmitted the motorboat’s last location to the salvage control center. Finally, the long-awaited rescuer arrived on the sea rescue cruiser “Hermann Rudolf Mayer.” Rescue teams arrived at the two ships in distress around 1 p.m.

The daughter ship “Christian” set sail for towing. However, she was unable to raise her anchor, so marine rescuers had to first cut the anchor’s chain. The daughter boat hooked up the line and initially towed a motorboat, but the motorboat’s engine and electrical system were clearly failing. As the damage became more and more obvious and the sinking of the ship in distress was imminent, sea rescuers decided to take the man and his dog on board. The motorboat had to be abandoned.

The rescued crew members were safely transported to Bremerhaven. The boat was scheduled to be transferred from Schleswig-Holstein to southern Germany. Wilhelmshaven Water Police opened an investigation into the incident and took over the seizure of the abandoned motorboat.

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