May 18, 2024

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An 83-year-old woman living in Italy had to have both of her arms removed after being attacked by her five dogs. One detail makes this case particularly tragic.

Mortise – Dog fighting kills toddler in southern Italy, dog fighting attacks also cause uproar in northern Italy. On Saturday (April 20), an elderly woman was attacked by five of seven large fighting dogs in her home. The incident took place in the town of Mortis, a suburb of Padua in the Veneto region.

like a newspaper Corriere delle Alpi According to reports, the woman was alone in the home where she lives with her daughter and grandson on Saturday. She was cleaning the kitchen floor when the mailman rang the doorbell. The 83-year-old man tried to open the door, but he fell to the floor. At this time, it is unclear whether she tripped over a bucket of water or directly onto the animal.

Dog attacks Italian woman and tears off her arms

An American Staffordshire dog and an American Bull Terrier dog attacked the woman, biting her specifically on the arm. A postman heard a commotion outside and alerted the carabinieri, who managed to gain entry into the house through a window. Officers arrived inside the first floor apartment. They were able to separate the dog from the woman and rescue the unconscious woman from the building on the ground.

Two American Staffordshire Terriers allegedly attacked an elderly man.  (symbol image)
Two American Staffordshire Terriers allegedly attacked an elderly man. (symbolic image) © Imago

An ambulance took her to a hospital in Padua, where her injuries were so severe that her entire right arm and left forearm were amputated. According to the newspaper, her life is now in danger. However, the risk of sepsis is very high.

Injured woman’s daughter wants to save dogs’ lives

The dogs were subjected to behavioral observation by a local health department veterinarian. Hours earlier, Kira, an American Staffordshire dog thought to be the main suspect in the attack, was offered as a gift on an online sales site by the victim’s daughter.

She told the newspaper: “My dog ​​has always been well behaved and never aggressive. This is the first time anything like this has happened. Kira is the most restless.” “I don’t think she can be with us after today,” her daughter says. Authorities are currently considering whether to euthanize the animal. The daughter of the injured woman is pleading in the newspaper, “Please let me adopt her.”

Just in February, three Rottweilers killed a jogger near Rome. Last fall, a man jogging in Upper Austria was attacked and killed by a fighting dog.

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