July 12, 2024

April 24, 2024, 2:45 p.m.

In 2022, around 30,000 animals were tested in Thuringia to develop new drugs and treatments. Includes sheep, donkeys, pigs, and dogs. Experiments are also being carried out at Jena University Hospital.

In Thuringia, mice are mainly used for animal experiments. However, in 2022, 415 pigs, 110 dogs, 15 horses or donkeys and seven sheep were also taken to the Free State laboratory for testing. This is revealed from data from the Federal Risk Assessment Agency, which the Thuringian Consumer Protection Agency consulted upon request. The authority in charge of permitting animal experiments in Thuringia did not provide any more up-to-date figures.

According to these figures, a total of 29,280 animals were used in experiments in Thuringia, of which 23,464 were mice. Approximately 11,000 animals were bred for scientific purposes, but were not used scientifically and were killed. According to these figures, no animal experiments on monkeys are carried out in Thuringia.

Animal experiments are also being conducted at Jena University Hospital.

The University Hospital Jena (UKJ) also carries out animal experiments related to basic biomedical research and patient-oriented research, as announced by the hospital. From today’s perspective, they cannot be completely replaced. Complex biological processes can often only be understood in this way. Additionally, the clinic says the results are needed to develop new drugs and treatments.

Even Jena University Hospital cannot completely replace animal experiments.
Image Credit: Photo Alliance/DPA | Michael Reichel

This experiment was used to investigate possible causes and treatments for heart and kidney disease. “We recognize the great responsibility we have towards our laboratory animals. Their well-being is important to us. Therefore, we protect our laboratory animals to the fullest extent possible and adhere to all ethical and animal welfare conditions. “We are taking this into consideration,” the animal welfare officer explained. UKJ Department, Sabine Bischoff.

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