July 12, 2024

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Bred for Japan’s cramped living conditions, this small, agile dog will adapt to almost any living environment of its owner. As long as they have enough activity, they are great for beginner dogs.

Featuressize: 30-38cm
weight: 5-10kg
Average life: 12-16 years old
Fur length: medium length
Fur color: Weiss
Suitable for: family and companion dog
Sports: obedience training and agility
Exercise needs: Moderate
Saber’s potential: small amount
Hair thickness: Moderate
If you live with other pets: appropriate

Origin and history

As the name suggests, the Japanese Spitz is native to Japan. It probably came from the German white Grosspitz and appeared in Japan after 1920. Later, it was improved by crossing with the European Spitz, and became a breed adapted to the Japanese living environment.

personality, personality traits, temperament

The Japanese Spitz is known for its active and friendly personality. They are playful, intelligent, and loyal to their owners. Despite his keen curiosity, he is reluctant to move away from his family. He is friendly and reserved around strangers.

education and attitude

Training a Japanese Spitz is fine for beginners, but like any dog, it must be done with consistency and love. They are specially bred for the extremely cramped living conditions of Japan, so they are best kept in apartments. They are very alert, but according to breed standards, they are prohibited from making noise. He is well adapted to city life, but needs regular exercise and mental stimulation.


They are fast-learning and agile dogs, making them suitable for fast-paced sports such as agility. You can also participate in obedience training with them. Generally, they enjoy participating in activities that are both mentally and physically challenging.


The Japanese Spitz has thick white fur and a plush tail that curves along its back. Their thick fur protects them from the cold. Their triangular ears are also distinctive.


Caring for your Japanese Spitz requires regular brushing, especially when shedding, to remove loose hair and prevent fluff. Otherwise, the fur is considered dirt-repellent and does not require any further care.


Although the Japanese Spitz is a small dog, it has a strong constitution. It is considered a hardy breed that can reach a reasonable old age compared to many other dog breeds.

Pros and cons


  • friendly and playful
  • intelligent and willing to learn
  • Perfect for families


  • Thick fur requires regular grooming
  • high energy level
  • Insufficient activity can lead to boredom

ideal owner

The Japanese Spitz is ideal for families, individuals, or couples living in cramped environments such as small urban apartments. This breed is also suitable for seniors and beginner dogs. It is important to make sure that your dog gets enough activity and takes them out for walks regularly.

Interesting information

The Japanese Spitz is known in Japan as “Oyuki,” which means “snow,” because of its white fur. It was once popular in Japan as a symbol of wealth and good luck.

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