May 18, 2024

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An immigrant family wanted to build a new life in Portugal. However, the headwind was too strong. The locals apparently did nothing.

LONDON – Portugal is considered a paradise for many immigrants. Endless beaches, plenty of sun, and a relatively low cost of living will tempt you. Portuguese are also considered to be friendly, open and relaxed people. However, one British family had a very different experience. The mysterious death and humiliation of their pet forces them to go on the run. Your story sounds incredible.

Cat stolen, dog killed: a pure nightmare for an immigrant family in Portugal

A family of four believed they had found happiness in Portugal’s Guarda region, just north of Lisbon.Lynn and Richard also decided to participate. channel 4 Our Wildest Dreams TV show to inspire others. However, paradise turned into hell. British immigrants were called “English pigs” by locals and were eventually driven out.

Portugal, or like here Lisbon, is the perfect place to emigrate for many people (iconic photo). However, some people experience scary stories and run away from paradise.
Portugal, or Lisbon as well as here, is the perfect place to move to for many people (iconic photo). However, some people experience scary stories and run away from paradise. © Imago

‘I couldn’t take it anymore’ – Portugal’s countryside turns out to be hell

At first, everything seemed perfect in a small remote village and a small farm. But then the tide turned. The couple claims their dog, Koo, died after being attacked. After her goats were poisoned, her cats would be kidnapped. Serious allegations against villagers. Apparently the local man admitted to the incident with the cat.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. That was my lowest point,” Lin told a British tabloid. Sun. The mother of two daughters, afraid of being alone in the house, stayed in the region’s largest city. “It was so bad that she just went out into the garden with a knife.”

Mother of two flees Portugal to her homeland – friends launch fundraising campaign

Meanwhile, Lynn and her daughters are trying to regain their footing in England. Her husband Richard is still in Portugal and must prepare to move. According to her, Portugal’s nightmare began in 2018 after a small television report was broadcast.

Friends are raising money on the GoFundMe website under ‘Lynn and Richard’s emergency escape to the UK’. A total of approximately 4,800 British pounds (equivalent to approximately 5,690 euros) has so far been raised (as of April 17, 2024). Immigrant families are probably not the only ones with such terrible stories. Pensioners in Portugal’s Algarve region also experienced a nightmare. If you’re just vacationing in Portugal, you need to know the beach rules. Failure to do so may result in heavy penalties, for example if you play music too loudly. (ml)

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