May 20, 2024

Ipswich (Australia) – When a dog is abandoned, the original owner is usually responsible first. But when it came to their four-legged friend from Down Under, it seems his master and owners had no other choice…

Charlie, a four-legged friend, is abandoned in an Australian park. A note with a sad message was found on his collar. © Image montage/Screenshot/Instagram/RSPCA Queensland

Charlie, a Staffordshire bull terrier mix, was found by a pedestrian in a park in Ipswich, Australia, at the end of January and was taken directly to the RSPCA Animal Care Campus in Brisbane. A note was found in the four-legged friend’s collar explaining his sad situation.

“Unfortunately, for my own safety, my parents have to leave me behind,” Charlie’s previous owner wrote. “If I had stayed where I was, the villain would have hurt me and my mom and dad would have been homeless.” Apparently, the former owners just wanted to keep the dog safe by dumping it in the park. is.

In the message, one-year-old Charlie “loves people” but also revealed that he needs time to get used to it.

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Brisbane’s RSPCA carers also noticed this when our four-legged friend arrived.


Our four-legged friend Charlie took a while to arrive

The mutt is currently living with a loving foster family until a home can be found. © Image montage/Screenshot/Instagram/RSPCA Queensland

“Charlie couldn’t stand living in a shelter,” a post on Instagram said.

“But he started coming out of his shell.” Above all, spending time with the organization’s employees helped him relax.

The mutt is currently in a foster home where he can stay until he can find a permanent home.

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The RSPCA said: “At one year old, Charlie is still a small boy, but he is extremely affectionate, eager to please and loves cuddles and treats.”

Given his sad past, the organization wants Charlie’s future owner to be a well-homed person.

“This is so he can continue to blossom,” she wrote on Instagram.

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