May 18, 2024

If you want to fly with your dog, you usually have to surrender the animal. Airlines now allow dogs on board. However, he has one drawback.

There is one thing that dogs are not allowed to do on planes. It’s about sticking your head out the window while traveling. But at least Berkair allows you to bring your dog on board. This airline provides a much-needed service for owners and lovers who want to take their furry friends with them. If there were no problems.

Many people want to fly with their dogs. But so far, Fifi has to fly in a crate and cargo hold as long as it weighs more than 8kg. The dog gets scared and the owner feels uncomfortable. Not so with American airline Bark Air. The company offers flights with dogs. Animals are also allowed in the cabin.

Give your dog a stress-free flight with Berkair

Founder Matt Meeker came up with the idea after an hour-long flight, locked in a shipping box in the cargo hold of a plane, as an experiment. “It was very small, very dark. Loud noises. Disoriented. No food, no water. No place to go to the bathroom,” Meeker told The Washington Post. “It was very, very bad.”

This is where the idea to create an airline that makes it easy for dogs to fly was born. It should start in May. It was originally a small commercial aircraft that flew a route from Westchester, New York, USA to Los Angeles, California. There is also a service from Westchester to London every two weeks. Flights take place on small private jets. There is space for a total of 10 people and their dogs.

Champagne and snacks for dogs $6,000

Therefore, although there is excellent service on board, it mainly revolves around dogs. Champagne for dogs comes in the form of chicken soup, donuts, meat snacks and, of course, on a silver platter. Everything went well during the test flight, Meeker said.

Dog airlines still have the disadvantage of high prices. The whistleblower and his owner must pay a total of US$6,000 (€5,600) for airfare within the United States. He charges US$8,000 (€7,500) to and from Europe.

Meeker still sees a huge market. There are many people who want to travel with their dog but are unable to do so. “There’s a lot of interest and demand, but there’s also a lot of frustration,” Meeker told the Post. “People are looking for smart solutions for transporting their dogs during house moves, summer vacations, and weekend trips.”

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