May 21, 2024

KURIER continues its search for the 2024 Canine Prime Minister. why? Because we love animals and find them really fascinating.

Well, are you already in prime minister fever? We are looking for the most beautiful dog in Germany, the Hundeskanzler. why? Because we love dogs! Four-legged friends are man’s best friends and are incredibly charming. For this column, I scoured the specialist literature and shared his five really interesting facts about dogs. Did you know that?

KURIER is looking for the most beautiful dogs in Germany. But what makes the animal so special?

Fact 1: Dogs have fingerprints. In criminology, a person’s fingerprint is an important identification mark. Dogs also have this feature, but not in their feet. This is the nose print, which differs from animal to animal. This means that if there were crime-solving detectives in the canine world, they would have to maintain a database of nose prints. That’s an interesting idea!

Fact 2: There are stray dogs that ride the subway. We humans take advantage of the fact that dogs are learning animals by teaching them commands. But animals can also teach themselves something. The best example is the stray dogs of Moscow. Over time, they learn to navigate themselves to places where there is plenty of food and know the best way to get from A to B using the subway. This is how you get from the suburbs to the city center.

Dogs have the same learning abilities as small children

Fact 3: Dogs learn just like young children. Scientists have discovered that this animal has the same learning abilities as an infant. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute experimented with a collie named Rico, giving it a variety of toys, both known and unknown. When asked to get a specific toy, Rico answered correctly 7 out of 10 times, even if he had never heard the word. This means that humans are not the only ones with the ability to understand and interpret concepts. On average a dog can memorize 165 terms.

Dogs' noses are extremely sensitive and can detect scents much better than humans' noses.

Dogs’ noses are extremely sensitive and can detect scents much better than humans’ noses.Pond5 image/adult

Fact 4: Dogs sense the Earth’s magnetic field. Dogs often rotate around their axis several times before doing their job. Background: Dogs can sense the Earth’s magnetic field and orient themselves to the north-south axis. By the way, to make this discovery, a team of German and Czech scientists observed dogs doing their job thousands of times.

Dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans

Fact 5: Dogs smell much better than humans. This is mainly due to the large number of olfactory cells that dogs have. Dogs have 40 times more olfactory cells than humans. Some dogs can even sniff out disease. It sounds an alarm if the owner’s blood sugar levels drop or if the owner or the woman is at risk of an epileptic seizure.

Well, isn’t all of this appealing? Here are five more reasons to celebrate our favorite animals. Therefore, apply now for election as dog chancellor! At you can upload your favorite photo with a description and vote for the animal applicants. A weekly winner will be chosen over the next few weeks and a final will be held in the summer where a canine prime minister will be selected from all the weekly winners and the dogs selected by the jury. Important: In our case, every dog ​​has a chance. We are not looking for a purebred dog, we are looking for a class dog. Because whether it’s a Labrador, Collie or Dachshund, we love them all. ■

Florian Thalmann writes about animals every Wednesday for KURIER in Berlin.
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