May 18, 2024

On the occasion of today’s (April 24, 2024) International Day for the Elimination of Animal Testing, we would like to provide information on the figures for the past two years. Animal testing is still happening everywhere. Many animals suffer pain and are killed after experiments or just for the sake of animals. Research into animal suffering is still being carried out in Saxony.

Last year, 138 animal testing projects were approved in the Free State, but this figure does not necessarily mean the number of animals ‘used’. For example, 30 of these projects may have gone through a simplified approval process. As animal experiments for research purposes are legally required, the period for applying for and granting a permit is usually between three and five years, as announced by the Saxony State Directorate upon request.

122,000 animals tested in 2022 – 91,000 of them died

all around 122,000 animals became 2022 Used in tests in Saxony. This is revealed by figures from the German Center for Laboratory Animal Protection. He also had 11,000 animals killed for scientific purposes, including using their organs and tissues for cell culture. Additionally, approximately 80,000 animals were bred for scientific purposes but were killed because they were not used for other reasons, such as because they were not genetically modified. All of Germany became The number of animals used in the experiment was 1.73 million. No more current data on laboratory animals are available.

Conflicts between veterinarians - problems faced by owners

Conflicts between veterinarians – problems faced by owners

In Saxony, experiments were most frequently carried out on mice (110,000 animals), followed by zebrafish (7,100 animals). Tests were also conducted on rats (872), pigs (916), and horses (374).There were also 27 dogs. experimental animalsthe majority of them are higher education and Professional training.

Cosmetics testing on animals is prohibited, but there are ways around it.

Peta’s website states: “Despite regulations banning cosmetic animal testing in the EU and Germany since 2013, animal testing of cosmetics continues to take place. This ban is undermined by other requirements, so many ingredients are It’s a chemical that falls under other regulations that require testing. Cosmetics sold to China typically also require animal testing.”

Smoking next to dogs and cats – it’s so harmful

Smoking next to dogs and cats – it’s so harmful

According to the state directorate, seven research institutes in Saxony conduct animal experiments: the Fraunhofer Institute, the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, the State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology, and the German LUPUS Institute for Wolf Monitoring and Research. are doing. Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Technical University of Dresden, University of Leipzig. According to the information, facilities are inspected at least every three years and primate housing is inspected annually. Regulations can be both published and unpublished.

How to deal with animal testing

If you want to campaign against animal testing, you should make sure to buy animal-friendly products. Companies on this list certify that they do not test on animals.

Making your presence known by attending demonstrations can also be a useful aid in the fight against animal testing. Many cities have a day of action each year on the International Day Against Animal Testing (April 24).
Anyone who has completed a course of study where animal testing or dissection courses are included in the curriculum may request a cruelty-free method, apply for an exemption, or attend a university where animals have not been abused in the first place. You can choose or take action. Educational purpose.

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