July 12, 2024

California (USA) – This dog has probably always lived in poor conditions. But then a fire broke out.

The dog roamed the abandoned area for days, apparently hoping its homeless owner would return after the fire. © Image montage: Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

After a fire broke out in an abandoned, dilapidated building, a dog suddenly found itself sitting there alone. Apparently he had previously lived with a homeless man who disappeared after the fire.

His four-legged friend didn’t seem to want to believe it. Suzette Hall, an animal rights activist from California, and her colleague Nanette discovered the male dog during a frantic search.

“We don’t know what happened to the owner. The poor baby was so sad and lonely,” Hall wrote on her Facebook page on Monday. She and her friend immediately knew they had to help him.

The boy suddenly thought that his dog was a new animal. What did his mother do?

“He was very scared. We saw him hiding for hours and almost got hit by a car,” Hall continued.

However, rescuing this four-legged friend will prove to be extremely difficult.


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Trapped: The male dog was adopted into a foster home by Suzette Hall and her friend. © Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

The women spent days trying to make contact with the shy animal. But they just didn’t want to succeed.

“Our hearts were breaking. We couldn’t sleep. He really wanted to go back and find his home like it was,” Hall surmised.

Animal rights activists have repeatedly discovered their furry friends inside buildings filled with soot and ash. One morning, Suzette Hall set the trap again, hoping that his knot would finally come undone.

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This time it actually worked. “I heard a bark.” The Californian was relieved to find his four-legged friend trapped and immediately called his friend Nanette for help. Together they carried the dog in a cage to the van and then took it to a foster home.

“He will never have to walk through fire again. He is saved,” was Hall’s positive conclusion.

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