May 18, 2024

Several carcasses of prey have been found in recent months, but last Sunday a new deer carcass was discovered in the Antoniustäle/Hohe Tannen area. The cause of death here does not appear to be due to natural predators of the animal, city officials said Wednesday.

police were dispatched

City officials suspect that the dog may have temporarily left its owner’s sphere of influence while out for a walk, and that the animal may have been killed by poaching. The police were notified.

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Forest officials have ruled out poachers as the cause, and the carcass found had no gunshot wounds. Based on the spatial proximity to the residence, the nearly identical location of the new carcasses, and the corresponding pattern of injuries, the agency concludes that these must be poaching dogs.

keep an eye on the dog

For this reason, city officials continue to ask dog owners who take their animals with them in or around the forest to keep their dogs in front of them and keep them on a leash if necessary. City officials are also asking people to be extra vigilant and report anything unusual, especially if they see a homeless person or a stray dog.

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