May 27, 2024

America – When a new family member moves in, whether it’s a person or an animal, it’s not always easy for everyone to accept the new zodiac sign.Women from united states of america I had to learn that sometimes it takes a while for everyone to get up to speed.

Our four-legged friend Millie first had to get used to her new puppy named Bella. This was not easy for her at first. ©Image montage/Screenshot/TikTok/Teacher_mum_life

In a post on TikTok, Gemma Stephenson recalled the first time she spent time with her puppy Bella, which was especially challenging for Millie, who was always at home with the family.

During the getting-to-know-you stage, your four-legged friend may teach your much younger pup who is in charge in a rather rough manner.

Like that day when Milly and Bella played together in the garden. At least that’s what owner Gemma thought.

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But when the American wanted to check on his two pets, he saw a completely different picture than he expected.

According to their owners, the two dogs are now one heart and one soul. ©Screenshot/Tiktok/Teacher_mum_life

Millie the dog actually preferred digging a hole and pushing her puppy Bella into it rather than frolicking in the meadow together. The sight was more than shocking to Gemma, as it looked as if her older four-legged friend was trying to bury the newcomer.

“When my daughter was two years old, we got Millie as a puppy so she could grow up and have a dog with her,” the American explained, according to Newsweek. Two years later, in 2022, Gemma decided to adopt Bella because she felt her other dog was lonely. “So we gave our dog a dog.”

At first, Millie seemed happy with her new roommate, but things quickly changed. “She found Bella too quickly,” Gemma recalls. Like its human siblings, the older dogs also seemed to be irritated by their smaller “sisters” who had quite a bit of energy.

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Then the aforementioned situation culminated in the garden. “It was about three weeks after Bella was born, about 11 or 12 weeks after she was born,” she said. “I looked up and saw Milly digging another hole in the grass, and then I saw Bella’s head pop out of this big hole. Milly kept digging like crazy. .”

The fact that the dog actually wanted to take revenge and bury the puppy is, of course, just speculation on the part of the owner. But Millie was said to be “clearly fed up” with her hyperactive roommate.

Two years have passed since that shocking moment in the garden. Luckily, the two furry friends met during this time and became “inseparable,” according to their owner.

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