May 18, 2024

Richmond (Texas) – How mean! Daniel Springer of Richmond, Texas, recently brazenly cheated on his son Dawson, 6. I thought the child had bought his second dog.What really happened is now entertaining millions of viewers tick tock.

Dawson, 6, can’t understand anything anymore. “What kind of dog is that?” ©Image montage: TikTok/Screenshot/aussiedodlebirdie

In the accompanying video (see below), Dawson and his mother have just returned home. A “new” dog is waiting for them there, and they are excited to welcome the 6-year-old dog.

Springer’s son spontaneously decided to name his furry friend “Charlotte,” but quickly realized that his actual dog, Birdie, was nowhere to be found.

Confused, he asked his mother where she was. Springer then lets the cat or dog out of the bag. Birdie is standing right in front of him, the Texan says.

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Now her little son’s confusion is over.


TikTok video of strange dog story goes viral

Birdie was badly shaved by a dog groomer. Since then she really looks like a completely different dog. ©Image montage: TikTok/Screenshot/aussiedodlebirdie

Solution: Birdie already has a shaved head for the upcoming summer. Since then, the fur nose looked completely different (see photo comparison). Even to many outsiders, her new look would be almost unrecognizable.

Dawson’s confusion was correspondingly great, and at first he could not believe that Birdie was standing in front of him. Horrified, he even asks his mother, “Is she dead?” Fortunately, she immediately vehemently denied this.

“I was surprised that I couldn’t recognize Birdie as Birdie, especially since her distinctive fur pattern hadn’t changed, just that it wasn’t as fluffy as usual,” Springer said this week. I wondered this in an interview with the American magazine Newsweek.

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Her son didn’t find it particularly interesting, but now others can enjoy it more among them Enjoy the video. In his first five days of publication, it has already received 1 million clicks and about 70,000 likes.

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