May 18, 2024

A total of nine cases of distemper have been detected in the Lüneburg area since the beginning of this year. Based on the locations where it was found, we can deduce that the highly contagious virus is occurring throughout the Neuhaus district. The disease is harmless to humans, but can be fatal to carnivores such as dogs.

Veterinarian advice: Vaccinations protect dogs from disease

For this reason, the District Veterinary Office is urging owners to protect their four-legged friends with vaccinations, says certified veterinarian Thomas Volksdorff. “Dogs should under no circumstances come into contact with infected animals or carcasses, such as badgers, foxes, ferrets, martens, raccoon dogs, wolves, or raccoons. This is especially true for young dogs between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months.

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When an animal is infected with distemper, it is not always obvious. The clinical presentation is diverse and ranges from eye inflammation to respiratory and intestinal disease and central nervous system disease. If you own a dog or ferret and aren’t sure about their vaccination status, you can ask your veterinarian to check. Vaccinations can be administered immediately if necessary.

The Veterinary Department will continue to closely monitor the distemper outbreak in the area. If you see a dead or suspicious animal, please contact your hunter or the district on 04131 26-1413.

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