May 18, 2024

Renowned content creator Malte Zielden shared on her Instagram channel in a recent post that her furry friend Ma was unexpectedly attacked by a strange dog in a crowded city park. I’m talking about it. At first glance, there were no injuries from the attack, but when Tweeden returned home, he discovered a wound hidden under Ma’s harness. As a precaution, he took his four-legged friend to the vet. He had not exchanged contact information with the dog’s owner, so he was having trouble paying for his treatment himself. The lesson for Zielden is to always exchange personal data with the dog’s owner, even if there are no visible wounds or trauma after a dog fight.

Malte Zielden went on to say that the strange four-legged friend’s owner had responded well and apologized profusely for the incident. However, the influencer clarified that such an attack is simply not possible and is clearly the responsibility of the dog’s owner. If a recurrence cannot be ruled out, the dog should be kept on a leash or muzzled. It is important to allow your dog to run free only if the recall is working properly.

Shocking reports from the UK indicate that such attacks may have had a different outcome. Two large dogs there recently got loose and attacked the owner of a small furry friend. The attack was fatal for the little four-legged friend and left the owner seriously injured. In this context, DeineTierwelt provides information on how to act in similar cases, what dog attacks and their consequences are from an insurance perspective, and the current state of affairs regarding the obligation to wear dog collars and leashes. We are considering questions such as: What is the legal situation? Germany.

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What you should do after attacking your furry friend

As a general rule, all dog owners have a duty not only to supervise their dog, but also to provide first aid on the spot if their dog attacks a person or other animal. Although your furry friend does not enjoy the same rights as humans under German civil law, the dog owner or their liability insurance will still cover initial veterinary treatment and medically necessary follow-up. You will have to bear the cost of up-treatment. This includes any medication or rehabilitation measures required as a result of the attack.

If you are also injured, the law gives you compensation and compensation for your pain and suffering. You are also free to sue the dog owner for physical harm. Of course, the prerequisite for all this is knowing the contact details of the dog owner. Therefore, always have your personal information and his dog liability insurance information ready. Write down the addresses of witnesses to the incident. Even if the initial exam doesn’t reveal anything wrong, take your furry friend to your veterinarian for a more thorough examination.

Unfortunately, dog owners often run away without taking responsibility after being attacked by their four-legged friends. If that happens, we can only hope that the police will be able to identify the culprit based on eyewitness testimony and bring him to justice. If not, like Malte Zierden, it will cost you money. Your dog’s health insurance may reimburse the cost of your furry friend’s treatment.

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There is no uniform lead obligation in Germany.

Believe it or not, there is no uniform regulation regarding lead requirements in Germany. These are regulated by federal state and even by municipality. Even though regulations differ, national agreements almost always exist. A leash is required in crowded places. These include, for example, tourist attractions, pedestrian zones, parks, sports and green spaces, playgrounds, public buildings and restaurants. Forests have seasonal regulations regarding leash requirements. Therefore, it is important to find out about the current regulations in your community. Violation of lead requirements can result in significant fines from responsible regulatory authorities.

Dogs on the list are required to wear leashes nationwide, but which breeds are on the list varies by state. However, most federal states agree that these furry friends must be kept on a leash in public.

The same applies to the muzzle. Again, the relevant regulations vary from federal state to federal state and from municipality to municipality. Using “muzzling regulations”, local authorities decide whether to require local residents to wear muzzles. In most cases, “list dogs” are also affected.

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A cane to keep you from falling

Of course, it’s always good to be proactive and careful when outdoors and recognize possible dangers early on. If a dangerous situation still arises, dog trainer Sabrina Ohms shares simple ways to protect your furry friend from other dogs or aggressive passersby on her Instagram. I will introduce it on my channel. The corresponding videos can be found here and here.

If a dog fight occurs, you can find out how to end it in the best way here. No matter how difficult it is for you, the most important commandment is always to remain calm and prioritize your own safety.

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