May 18, 2024

It was so neglected that it had to be culled. The fate of the dog, which was found in Norden over the weekend, has touched many people’s hearts. Now, the authorities are also at least partially proactive.

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Norden – In response to a question, a spokesperson for the Aurich/Wittmund police station said that a severely neglected dog recently found in the north was also a police matter. An investigation is underway on suspicion of violating the Animal Welfare Act. And these have continued ever since this incident became known and was reported last weekend by a group of aggressive animal lovers who are finally able to rescue severely neglected animals from dire situations. guaranteed.

This small dog, found on the side of the road in Norden, had been so neglected that it had to be rescued from its dire condition.

Meanwhile, active animal lovers, as they said themselves, also lodged a complaint with the Aurich District Veterinary Office. However, as of Monday afternoon, no further action has been taken as of Monday afternoon, as a district spokesperson announced that “the Veterinary Department is currently in the early stages of the process regarding this matter.” It appears that no action has been taken. What impact will this incident have on animal owners, such as whether a ban on keeping the animals will be issued or whether siblings of rescued animals still living on site will be removed from the family? The following points remained unanswered.

Active animal lover goes to veterinarian with still-living sibling animal

The male dog was found completely abandoned on the side of a road in the north on Sunday. The vet had to put him out of his misery.

Active Animal Friends, on the other hand, certainly lives up to its name compared to a literal “active” veterinary hospital. This Tuesday, the club president hopes to take the rescue dog’s brother, who still lives with his owner, to the vet for a health check. Lindemann previously said the dog, which is still alive, is in poor condition but not as dire as his brother’s. Note: The dog found in Norden and rescued by a veterinarian had, among other things, a tumor in his testicles, his eyes were severely cloudy and one was missing, and he could barely open his jaw. Additionally, the animal had been suffering from severe ear pain for months or more, which is said to have completely gone away, and the only option left is to finally put the animal out of its suffering. It was something to do.

The organization is collecting donations for the treatment of siblings that are still alive.

Lindemann wasn’t surprised that the veterinary office had not yet intervened despite the extreme neglect. Relations between animal lovers and the Veterinary Authority are already so strained that animal lovers are now taking action themselves at the expense of the association to help their brother animals. For this reason, they are also soliciting donations.

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