May 27, 2024

kaiserslautern (ots)

A young man in the city filed a police report Monday night claiming he was bitten by a dog. A 17-year-old boy said he was jogging in a city park around 7 p.m. when an off-leash dog attacked him and bit him on the butt.

While the boy went to the hospital for treatment of his wounds, a patrol went to a city park. Thanks to a detailed description of the animal and its owner, officers were able to quickly locate the person believed to be responsible at the scene. When asked about his ferocious four-legged friend, the 39-year-old tried to downplay the incident, claiming he had only loosened the leash “just a little bit” and the dog took advantage of the moment to escape.

After looking into the dog’s personal information, it was discovered that the dog’s owner had committed a similar incident at the same location almost exactly a year ago. The 39-year-old is currently facing a separate criminal case for manslaughter. In addition, the regulatory authorities will be informed of the operation in order to initiate further action on his own authority if necessary. |Churi

Original content: West Palatinate Police Headquarters, sent by news aktuell

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