May 27, 2024

animal shelter is for dog Not the nicest place. Here they are welcomed and cared for, but their comfortable home looks different. In this sense, animal shelters are “just” stopovers for most dogs, but for others this place inevitably becomes their home. Just like Dean, who spent nine years in an animal shelter. But now the unimaginable has happened. Finally he found his family.

Dog “Dean”: 9 years in an animal shelter

No one at the Hamburg Animal Shelter expected this anymore, but a small miracle has now happened. The male director is People who have been in an animal shelter for 9 years or more, finally found a home. And the staff at the animal shelter are thrilled.

Dean is a Rottweiler-Pitbull dog who died 25 years ago after a young boy was bitten by two dogs. This male dog and its breed are on the so-called breed list of the city of Hamburg. His breed is considered dangerous, and now it is possible under strict rules to place animals on the breed list, or it is completely prohibited. Thus began Dean’s life behind the scenes at an animal shelter.

However, what was once thought to be impossible is now happening. Dean has been placed! Now 14 years old, the male dog has finally found a family to spend his final years with.

9 years in an animal shelter: Dean loves cuddles

Four years ago, Hamburg’s animal shelter opened to the public for the first time and introduced Dean. At this point, he had already been in an animal shelter for five and a half years, so he was always looking for a home. At that time, Dean needed time to get used to people.Once you accept your four-legged friend into your heart, he will demonstrate his spirit Perfect love and love for his embrace.

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Now Dean will probably get everything he always dreamed of.: A soft dog bed, lots of love from his new family, and lots of cuddles that Dean has grown to love.

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