July 12, 2024

Germans love their pets. 89% even describe themselves as family members. This is the result of a survey on pet ownership in Germany. Despite loving animals, 17% of those surveyed felt that owning a pet added stress to their daily lives.

Financial and time expenditures are often underestimated. In the survey, cat owners said they spend an average of €59 a month on their pets. Dog owners also spend 75 euros.

72% of all pet owners said they could easily afford the cost. However, for almost one in five (18%), the cost exceeds the estimated budget. For the 10%, the cost of inflation is a financial burden.

Many dogs don’t go outside much.

Dog owners spend an average of 81 minutes exercising their dogs outside the home. However, 13% of those surveyed say that they go for a walk only once a day. 35 percent have it at least twice a day, and 51 percent have it more than once a day.

The research found that just under two-thirds (65%) of dog owners surveyed met the legal requirement to exercise outdoors for at least one hour each day.

Infas quo carried out a study on pet ownership in Germany on behalf of DA Direkt Versicherung. Of the more than 1,400 respondents between the ages of 18 and 79, more than half (53 percent) said they owned a pet. The most common pets were cats (55%), followed by dogs (46%).

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