May 20, 2024

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Dog “Lucky” has many fears and is looking for a new owner. They react very violently when their owners leave the house. It takes time and patience.

Giessen – Young male “Lucky” is looking for a new home. The Giessen Animal Shelter published a post on its Facebook page to introduce the one-and-a-half-year-old hybrid. He’s looking for a new home “for good reason,” as animal rights activists write.

“Lucky” has a very strong bond with his caregiver.

“Lucky” loves children of all ages and gets along great with a variety of animals including cats, horses, goats, and chickens. Unfortunately, our four-legged friend also has many fears and cannot be left alone, animal rights activists write. “He is very bonded and when his caregiver leaves the house he has diarrhea and vomiting.”

Although the situation has already improved, “Lucky” is also left alone at home with other family members. “However, they still need a lot of training before they can be alone without stress.”

The male dog
The male dog “Lucky” is looking for a new owner. Giessen Animal Shelter featured him in an article. © Screenshot Facebook/Tierheim Giessen

For this reason, Giessen Animal Shelter is looking for people to stay at home or work in a home office. It takes a lot of time and patience for new owners to practice being alone together. Animal rights activists believe the quiet, rural setting is suitable for him. Open-plan offices and places with lots of strangers don’t lend themselves to being ‘lucky’.

‘Lucky’ will greatly benefit from having a second dog in his new home

This young mixed breed dog is generally good with other dogs, but has a tendency to get into arguments with other male dogs. The Humane Society believes Lucky could greatly benefit from a second dog, especially in terms of being “home alone.” Our four-legged friend already lives with a male dog, but thinks the house would be better off with a female dog.

We are looking for someone with dog experience who can give Lucky the sense of security and stability she needs. “You should be able to guide him calmly and consistently, using useful rituals.”

If you are interested, please call 0176/343 362 49. If interest is solidified through preliminary discussions and interaction with the dog, the Giessen Animal Shelter announces that it will forward the interested person to “Lucky”‘s home organization.

Animal rights activists ask people not to write negative comments

Almost all users complied with animal shelters’ requests not to post negative comments on Facebook posts. “Relinquishing an animal is emotional and sometimes unavoidable,” the animal shelter wrote in a statement.

Most people will share the post. One user wrote, “We are going out of our way to find him the perfect forever basket.” Another user questioned why the dog was given away at such a young age, despite requests from animal rescue groups, adding: “They didn’t do anything or did much to this dog. Now someone else should pay for it.” In response, animal rights activists from the Giessen Society said: For some people, especially beginners, it is difficult to handle such a dog. We really need an experienced dog lover who can lead well here. ”

Two dogs, Bibi and Rory, are currently looking for new homes at the Giessen Animal Shelter. Kalle the bulldog also took in the Giessen Animal Shelter out of pity after everyone else rejected him.

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