May 18, 2024

Anyone who has a dog at home and wants to travel regularly faces the same problem. Traveling by car with your dog or leaving your four-legged friend behind to explore a new country alone? A dog owner actually decides to take his furry friend on a plane vacation is a very rare case. But this special airline could change that.

In the future, dogs will be able to go on vacation with us.

Most airlines allow dogs on board with their owners, as long as the dog’s maximum weight does not exceed 8 kilograms. Otherwise, the animal will have to wait in the cargo hold during the flight. This process doesn’t seem like a good alternative for either the four-legged friend or the owner.

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“It was very small, very dark. Loud noises. You’re disoriented. There was no food, no drink, no way to relieve yourself,” said Matt Meeker, who stayed in the hold during the several-hour flight. After being locked up, he spoke to the Washington Post. The American entrepreneur then founded Bark Air, an airline that puts animal welfare first. The only catch? price.

it costs money to travel

The first dogs will be able to test the new pet airline on May 23rd. What is the company’s concept? Four-legged friends always take priority. Bark Air staff are already caring for the animals at the airport. Music, bags of treats, poop bags, these are all things that entrepreneurs promise to guests and owners. But having fun on board a Bark Air flight costs a lot of money, and many people end up falling backwards.

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“A four-hour domestic flight from New York to Los Angeles costs $6,000 (about 5,635 euros) for people and dogs, while travelers pay $8,000 (about 7,515 euros) for an international flight from New York to London ” A report from “t-online” says: So, if you want to protect your wallet, think twice about whether you really want to take your dog on vacation on your next trip.

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