May 18, 2024

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Something will come out of it: a white shepherd dog.
Something will come out of it: a white shepherd dog. © IMAGO/Pond5 Images

Whether there are cat people or dog people is an open and often debated question.

Actually, who is a cat person and who is a dog person? My mother is both. She has a cat and a dog. It’s just a shame she has to be hospitalized at this time. She had an accident when she had to go out with her dog and broke her ankle. Now they, cats and dogs, are suffering. But do these species, dogs and cats, really exist? If so, how many are there?

If you look it up on the internet, you will see that there is indeed a difference. Apparently, it’s an important question that’s garnering a lot of attention. “Dog people – what are their characteristics?” and “Dog people’s personalities” or “10 things that distinguish dog people.”

Generally speaking, dog people can be summarized as being more sociable and tolerant. They also tend to be perfectionists. In contrast, cat people are also open-minded and easily hurt. This is clear from research commissioned into this important issue. He goes on to say that cat people don’t care about rules. But this one is more creative. Dog people, on the other hand, prefer to belong to social groups. In this respect, dog people are similar to their four-legged friends. Therefore, we can conclude that: Like a master, like a cook. Of course, everything must be looked at and evaluated individually. Every Jek is different and the people of Cologne already knew that.

But even if you don’t own a dog, there are one or two things you can tell when you’re a dog person. Therefore, he is always in a good mood, loves rules, takes pleasure in the slightest compliment, likes to walk in frost, mud and downpours, is always balanced, speaks well even when there is nothing to say, If you meet someone who is very energetic, but looks conservative (hunting hat with a brush), then it’s just a dog person.

Cat people are the negation of dog people. One wonders what a world full of cat people would be like. It seems that the world of dog people already exists. This may be why cat people avoid social contact, just as cats avoid dogs.

If you’re not sure whether you’re a cat or dog person, there are countless tests available on the internet. But please be careful! By this logic, anyone who considers themselves a dog person but is actually a cat person can experience surprises with their dog. Because while not everyone may need rules, dogs definitely do.

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