May 21, 2024

When walking, livestock guard dogs should be given plenty of space in the pasture. “Do not approach, look at, talk to or touch the dog,” advises Kelsterbach dog trainer Christiane Engisch.

“These animals are designed to protect their territory and herds, but they can also be dangerous to humans. A safe distance of at least 50 meters is recommended.” Dogs should not pass through such pastures with other dogs. Otherwise, you may be attacked by livestock guard dogs.

These animals are used more and more often and are recommended to protect sheep from wolf attacks. As announced by the Ministry of the Environment, the state of Hesse financially supports livestock farmers in purchasing and maintaining guard dogs.

“This dog is not a dog you can keep at home.”

These animals live in groups day and night. Engisch said pastures are usually protected by electric fencing, and in such cases, livestock dogs are less likely to escape. “They’ll stay indoors, especially if they’ve ever been electrocuted by a fence. But they’ll be able to jump that much from that height.”

For example, if a fence breaks down and animals are running around freely, this becomes a problem. “In that case, you should leave very slowly and calmly look for somewhere else,” advises the expert. This is especially true when the dog immobilizes the body of a person who is tense. There is no serious danger if the animal is in a relaxed position and its gaze wanders.

The British describe livestock guard dogs as extremely intelligent, suspicious, independent, and incorruptible. In her experience, very large and strong dogs, about 70 to 80 centimeters tall and weighing 40 to 65 kilograms, are most commonly used in kangal pastures. This breed is on the list of “dangerous dogs” in the state of Hesse. “These are not family dogs,” Engisch explains. “They’re happy when they can live outside and protect their property.”

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