May 18, 2024

Residents who do not want a dog boarding facility in Stetten (from left): Lukas Maurer, Andreas Maurer, Martin Doll and Jürgen Kachel.Photo: Friedhelm Roemer

A residential building with a barn and stables at 44 Bahnhofstrasse will be renovated for a new purpose. Currently, this house consists of his one living unit. In the future, there are plans to construct one residential unit on the ground floor and one on the upper floors. The farm buildings will be used as lodging facilities for the dogs, with plans to include rooms for the dogs during the day, food and equipment storage, office space, and in the future a sales room. A fenced area for dogs is planned behind the farm buildings. The Heilbronn district office has approved up to 16 dogs for the project planned by trained dog trainers Celine Köhler, 29, and Elena Resnikov, 33.

Residents are particularly concerned about two things. There are concerns about noise generation and the location is classified as a mixed area. With only two agricultural operations remaining, it is now a residential area and different standards apply, says Jürgen Kacher. In addition, the people of Stetten are concerned about the dog’s legacy and possible damage to arable land.


“We understand that residents have concerns and we want to reach out to them as soon as possible to ensure clarity,” Celine Koehler said, adding: Rather, find your way through the office first. ”

Dog boarding planned in Stetten: There are also reservations in the city – the ward office sees things differently

The city of Schweigern also has concerns, having rejected the project several times before its main committee due to noise concerns. However, the district administration sees the issue differently. Reason: Acceptability under the Building Planning Act has been reliably proven by noise generation forecasts from May 2, 2023. “Community consent was therefore unlawfully refused,” the regulator said. Therefore, the regional office will issue building permits in the future, the authorities explained upon request. Heilbronn’s voice.

Two dog trainers who have been running the mobile dog school “Neckarpforten” in the city and district of Heilbronn since December 2021 have been waiting for the green light for their project for two years. “Our goal is to have a dog academy and a dog boarding facility. The dog boarding facility also includes a day care.” I’m interested in places that don’t exist,” says Elena Resnikov. Also, not all dogs are accepted. Resnikov: “We know what we’re doing.”

Dog Trainer: Trial days and fixed hours with your dog

First, there will be an initial conversation with the dog owner and a trial day with the dog. “We’re not going to walk around Stetten with 16 dogs. We’re going to keep them on leashes and we’re going to make sure they respect dog break times throughout the day.” Koehler: “We’re an animal shelter. No, the dogs don’t go to kennels.”Additionally, 33-year-old Resnikov added, “There is a huge need for dog boarding facilities for dog owners, so they can choose which dogs they take in.” says.

Martin Doll from Stetten recommends locating dog boarding facilities outdoors rather than in the middle of town. “We want it,” says Celine Koehler. “But the requirements for converting immigrant farms, for example, are much more stringent.”

Noise generation prediction and village area area

According to the ward office, noise generation prediction works as follows. Emissions estimates also take into account emissions from transportation (bringing and picking up dogs). When considering maximum motion under acoustically unfavorable operating conditions, the dog barks loudly and the prediction assumes being completely outside during the day. Since the dog accompanies you in daily life, it spends more time in the barn, in the house and on the go, and its normal normal movements become rather quiet. ”And according to the ward office, the classification is village area. Mainly for residential use. In addition to commercial uses, the presence of active agricultural operations is sufficient to classify the area in question as a rural area. ”

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