May 21, 2024

– Harry is now one of the old-timers at the Nuremberg animal shelter. This is the third time he has been returned, even though he is completely innocent. The animal shelter is currently looking for a home for the male dog.

Sweet Harry no longer understands the world. He lived with his new family for almost his entire year, but is now back inside the enclosure at the Nuremberg animal shelter. It was first transferred five years ago, but this is the third time it has been placed in this location. The animal shelter shared Harry’s sad fate on Facebook.

The male is currently 11 years old. The first time he came to an animal shelter was because he was purchased without the permission of his landlord. He was forced to be imprisoned a second time because his illness left him unable to care for him. His owner took him back home after a disagreement with his family. The animal shelter said his other relatives and exact living conditions were kept secret during his adoption. It was previously explained that both can cause problems. According to the animal shelter, there was actually a very long trial period. “Once again, dogs have to suffer from people’s selfishness,” the animal shelter confirmed on Facebook.

His career has left some mark on Harry. According to a Facebook post, Prince Harry said: “He doesn’t like anyone, but it’s never his fault he ended up with us.” The animal shelter says he doesn’t like to live with children, cats or other animals, mainly because he’s food envy. He doesn’t like being alone either, but he has no problem driving. A veterinarian diagnosed Harry with a heart murmur, but the animal shelter says he does not require any medication at this time. He hopes he has two full-time caregivers who can accompany him through thick and thin. He doesn’t want to be in the animal shelter anymore and cries a lot in hopes of finding his forever family.

The Nuremberg Animal Refuge said anyone who still had a place for Harry should contact his guardians directly. You can contact the animal shelter Stadenstra├če 90 by telephone (09 11) 91 98 90. Animal adoptions are by appointment only.

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