May 18, 2024

Few believed it anymore. After spending over nine years in an animal shelter, Dean, a man, has finally found a home. Those in charge are overjoyed.

A few years ago, there was an incident and the lives of many dogs took a turn for the worse. About 25 years ago, the city of Hamburg introduced a so-called breed list after little Volkan was bitten to death by two dogs. From one day to the next, many dog ​​breeds were considered dangerous in their own right, and then the breeding of animals was only possible under strict rules or completely prohibited. Dean, a Rottweiler/pit bull mix, joined them at this point, beginning his many years at the animal shelter. You can read more about his fate here.

But what was once thought to be near impossible, even in animal shelters, is now a reality. Dean was adopted by her. They were able to find a “wonderful family” for the almost 14-year-old to spend his final years. You are “insanely” happy. The facility made the announcement on Instagram.

‘His health’: Dean loves lots of cuddles

Four years ago, the Hamburg animal shelter turned its attention to the public for the first time, searching for a home for Dean. At this point, he had already been in the facility for five and a half years. Back then, Dean took some time to get used to people. But once he becomes confident, he “loves to be thoroughly scratched from ears to tail.” That’s healthy for him.

Now, this mixed breed dog will receive the cuddles from his new family that he has been waiting for for years. It’s unclear where Dean will go.

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